“My approach is down-to-earth, direct, and wholehearted. Remaining humble and authentic with my clients are cornerstones to my philosophy. I am straightforward and engaged while digging to uncover the cause of the present issue.  From individual to couple or family concerns, my goal is to help separate out the symptoms from the real problem. It is here deep change can begin to occur.”

Adult Individual Therapy: We start with the here and now.  Then we begin looking to our relationships, beliefs, feelings, dreams, as well as other, sometimes unknown parts of our psyche to examine and begin to redefine ourselves; constructing happier, healthier, balanced lives.  While many times a mixture of collaborative problem-solving and therapeutic techniques are used, this process of truly getting to “know yourself” not only helps to create change in the present, but also creates lasting change for the future.  

Couples Therapy:  Like a fingerprint, every relationship has its own unique print or balance.  So many issues can disrupt our relationship’s balance: affairs, addictions, ex-partners, blended families, grief/loss, and major life transitions just to name a few.  These, and many other stresses, can then create secondary issues that can further push us off balance.  Sometimes we need to reconstruct the very foundation of our relationship to find our balance, while other times minor tune-ups are needed.  Together we will help your relationship communicate more effectively, clarify and express needs, learn to hear, accept and accommodate each other, build trust, and recover intimacy; bringing balance to your relationship.    

Adolescent Therapy: Building rapport and gaining trust are very important elements to my approach to therapy in general and even more crucial to my approach with teens.  Whether the issues are related to depression, trauma, stress, or major transitions, helping a teen uncover his/her sense of self, find their voice, and a means of effectively communicating this voice can offer relief not only for teens, but for the entire family as well.